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Harv Eker: If You’re Climbing Everest, Get a Guide…

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Ο Harv Eker είναι ένας αυτοδημιούργητος εκατομμυριούχος. Είναι συγγραφέας βιβλίων και εκπαιδευτής στη βιομηχανία του Financial Education, μέσω της δικής του ακαδημίας, όπως και motivational speaker. Στην αρχή της δημιουργίας του έκανε διάφορες δουλειές και άνοιξε διάφορες προσωπικές επιχειρήσεις χωρίς επιτυχία, πριν γίνει εκατομμυριούχος ανοίγοντας ένα από τα πρώτα fitness stores στην Αμερική. Η επιτυχία, όμως, αυτή δεν κράτησε, λόγω κακοδιαχείρισης, με αποτέλεσμα να χάσει ότι είχε δημιουργήσει! Έχοντας συνάψει σχέσεις με άλλους εκατομμυριούχους ο ίδιος στην διάρκεια της πορείας του, ανέλυσε τις σχέσεις μεταξύ πλουσίων οι οποίες τον οδήγησαν στο να διατυπώσει τις θεωρίες του σχετικά με την επιστήμη του πλουτισμού, τις οποίες προάγει μέσα από τα βιβλία και τις ομιλίες του.


Rich and successful people admire and model other rich and successful people. Unsuccessful people resent the heck out of them.

Of course, understand that I’m talking generalizations, and what I’m saying obviously does not apply to every single person rich or poor no matter how you look at it. There are rich assholes, clearly, just like they’re kind, warm-hearted poor people who don’t hate others for their success.

But also understand I have almost 2 million students and I’ve seen and heard it all. If you view rich people as bad in any way, shape, or form and you want to be a good person, you can never not be poor. That’s the twisted irony of it all.

I want to share with you a philosophy that changed my life. It comes from Huna, which comes from Hawaii: “Bless that which you want.” If you see a beautiful car, bless that car and the owner of that car. If you see a beautiful house, bless that house and the person who owns the house. If you see a beautiful family, bless that family and the people in that family.

If you see somebody with a wonderful, amazing business, bless that business and that person. Why? Because anything that you negate, you can never have.

It doesn’t mean don’t be uncritical of the principles of the rich and successful folks you admire, but even then there’s no room for jealousy. The more you can learn to admire their achievements, the more you will spiritually be open to learning how they did it.

Now let’s talk about the modeling part. Remember, rich and successful people admire and model other rich and successful people. What does model mean? It means to emulate or follow someone else’s method.

If you were to climb Mt. Everest, would you try finding your own way up the whole mountain on your own, or would you maybe get an experienced guide to show you the way and lead you up the mountain?

I think you’d get a guide, yes? Why? Because otherwise you’d be dead. It’s really simple. It’s no different when it comes to success in any field of endeavor. Why on Earth would you try to figure everything out on your own when you can learn from others who have succeeded before you?

If you want something different, you’re going to need a new and different way.

That is one of the best things about the network marketing industry, for example. In what other business would other people who sell the same product as you actually do whatever they can to help you? It would never happen. People selling the same stuff as you would usually never help you.

Yet there are tons of people in this industry earning $20,000, $50,000, $100,000 or more per month. Why isn’t everybody earning that kind of money? It’s simple. They’re not willing to learn and follow the method that earns that kind of money. Why? Because they have to do it their way.

I’m not saying copy every blink the person who teaches you makes, but when climbing Mt. Everest, the difference between stepping directly in your Sherpa’s footprint and 12 inches outside of it could be the difference between life and death.

I want to remind you of something, my friends. I tell all of my students this: your way has gotten you exactly where you are. I’m not saying that that’s bad, but it may not be all that fantastic either.

If you want something different, here’s a newsflash: you’re going to need a new and different way. Your way doesn’t work like that. You have to be willing to follow your teacher’s guidance to the letter and do it exactly the way that they tell you to do that.

You do that for a certain amount of time. Then you can do it your way. How much time do you try it their way? It’s simple. Until you’re rich! When you’re rich, then do it your own way. Until then, you do it the way of the person who is successful ahead of you.

Don’t be smarty pants and say, “I know better. In my life, this works better.” Find a teacher or a person in a field or area doing really well that you relate to. Learn from them. Then follow their lead and don’t veer from it until you’ve made it to the top!

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